Kayla’s Story | Getting Back To 100 Percent

It’s a blustery spring evening at Buckner Park. Kayla Fowler plays catch with her son, Lanndon, as he warms up for practice. As Lanndon hits the field, Kalya takes her daughter, Brooklyn, to play over on a nearby playground. The two run around giggling as Kayla chases Brooklyn down slides and across the playscape.

An active life with her kids is important to Kayla. Whether as a baseball mom or pageant mom, she wants to be there to throw the ball with her son or help her daughter through a dance routine. Her ability to actively participate in their lives was diminished in February after Kayla was hit by a car going 60 mph while she was stopped at an intersection.

Following her accident, Kayla noticed how daily routines became more difficult with increased stiffness and pain in her neck and back.


“When I tried to talk to people, I felt so moody because the pain in my neck and back was so bad,” said Kayla.

Visiting Dr. Demond White at DMA South, Kayla was diagnosed with whiplash and prescribed four weeks of physical therapy with DMA’s PT Specialist, Brad Wilson.

After assessing Kayla’s condition, Brad educated her on exercises to strengthen her back and emphasize better posture.


“It’s been a very good experience to work with Brad during this process,” said Kayla. “He made me feel so comfortable, he was very throughout in teaching me my stretching and balance exercises.”


Four weeks later, Kayla is back in the game, getting Lanndon ready for another practice.

“In four weeks I have come so far,” said Kayla. “I couldn’t turn my head. I couldn’t pick up my kids. I couldn’t play baseball with my son and now I can do it all. I look forward to working more with Brad because I know he will get back to where I was before this started. There has been such a great team of experts here at DMA that I know my recovery is going to be 100 percent better.”


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