Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth consultations are a modern twist on the old-fashioned house visit.  Using your cell phone, laptop, or tablet you can speak with your provider regarding your health questions or concerns.

To schedule your Telehealth Consultation…

  1. Call your provider and ask to schedule a telehealth appointment.
  2. You will receive a text/email from Phreesia, our patient portal, to check-in.
  3. A receptionist will call you 1 hour prior to your Telehealth appointment time to confirm your consent and to conduct a device check.
  4. You will receive a consent link to check device capabilities from OTTO (our Telehealth platform).
  5. A nurse will contact you 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to update your medical history, review medications, etc.
  6. Once the nurse has updated your records, your Telehealth consultation will begin with your provider.


Click here for device and connection troubleshooting information.

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Telehealth Consultation

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